A Day in the Life of an Event Coordinator

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A Day in the Life of an Event Coordinator

Weddings don’t just happen. Coordination is key! One of W Events Group’s favourite venues to work with is the RACV Royal Pines Resort in Benowa, Gold Coast. Last week we shadowed the queen of the team: Chantel Bessell, Event Coordinator. There are so many styling possibilities at this resort which is surrounded by lush greenery and a serene 27-hole golf course. And we just love working alongside Chantel to bring an event to life. That’s why we’re going to reveal how it feels to walk in her shoes. So without further ado, W Events Group presents to you; a day in the life of an event coordinator!


It was the day of a wedding and the countdown had begun. There was a long list of things to do before the ceremony, but the first (and most important) was to check on the bride. Chantel’s presence had a naturally calming effect on the woman in white who asked for a fruit platter to be arranged. Hair and makeup was about to begin and Chantel explained how she loved providing the little things that help the bride relax and enjoy her big day.

Once the bride was looked after, Chantel made a quick call to the groom (who was out on the golf green) to ensure everything was in order. We then made our way to the reception venue where the setup was well underway and on schedule. Chantel arranged the place cards and delivered the gifts before checking in with the Executive Chef preparing the reception dinner.

We were smashing through the to-do list! It wasn’t even lunch time yet as we approached the chapel for a final review. Chantel explained the importance of planning, preparation and organisation before the day so the event can run smoothly. Every once in a while though, things don’t always go as planned. Chantel recounted stories of rain, external suppliers and even a missing wedding dress, but her passion was clear. Bridezilla or not, Chantel just loves to see the bride happy on her wedding day.

By early afternoon, the race was on. Chantel was meeting and greeting guests in the lobby, arranging buggies to transport the elderly and picking up the bride for the start of the ceremony. After the “I Do’s” there was a photo shoot and the guests were guided towards pre-dinner drinks and then finally to the reception venue for the bridal entrance.

Although the big day was over for the newlyweds, Chantel’s job was not yet complete. She now had to finalise accounts, follow up with suppliers and write up a report. One of her favourite tasks: the post-wedding conversation with the bride. There are often tears of joy and appreciation for the event coordinator and her team. A deep gratitude for bringing it all together and taking the stress out of the day. That’s why we love working with RACV Royal Pines!

Written by Bronte Alexander


Weddings don’t just happen. Coordination is key! So the teams at W Events and RACV Royal Pines present to you; a day in the life of an event coordinator!

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